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Kinect Rehab is the most comprehensive & effective non-pharmaceutical option for successfully treating nerve, muscle, & joint pain and for the reduction of athletic injury risk.

What We Do?

Kinect Rehab is the most comprehensive & effective non-pharmaceutical option for successfully treating nerve, muscle, & joint pain and for the reduction of athletic injury risk. Kinect Rehab provides 1 on 1 focused attention with the doctor. I encourage questions and am happy to work with your existing doctors/providers to give you the best possible outcome. My experience and results are supported and utilized by top specialists in Physiatry (PMR), Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Spine Surgery, Family Practice, and Functional Medicine. I believe healthcare is not an assembly line industry but requires time and communication to get you to your goals. So, what makes Kinect Rehab different? We provide a difference you can feel. We encourage you to stop by, ask questions, and pick up some information. I look forward to meeting you, but until then, keep moving!


dr derek myers dry needling
Dry Needling is a safe and effective skilled intervention that uses a filiform needle to treat trigger points, muscles, neuromuscular entrapments, and connective tissues that are generating pain and movement restriction. This regenerative procedure is performed by a specially trained professional and successfully treats many musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. This treatment can often minimize recovery time and get results where many therapies have failed.


injury prevention
Reducing pain and preventing injury is great. However, in most cases pain and injury are both a result of the same issue…movement dysfunction. The muscles and joints are designed to move and perform in specific patterns to maximize performance and reduce injury susceptibility. Correcting these patterns are a crucial part of a successful rehab plan. However, correcting these patterns to athletes of all ages before injury will improve strength, speed, acceleration, performance, and reduce injury risk. Our goal is to make you move better, feel better, and perform better.


myofascial release
Myofascial Release is a long standing and well established effective technique for the relaxing and recovery of tight and painful muscle and connective tissues. This technique has branded many names and “techniques” over the centuries. One thing that has never changed is its efficacy when properly applied.


dr derek myers therapeudic exercise
The wrong movement will injure you. The right movement will fix you. We have some highly effective therapy options at Kinect Rehab to reduce pain, but in most cases fixing the initial cause requires teaching the body to move right again. Therapeutic exercise teaches the muscles, joints, and brain to work together the right way and produce proper movement. This helps you recover faster and better and reduces re-occurrence which reduces medical expenses.


Newark Ohio chiropractic care
Over time, the joints themselves can become tight and restricted. Different forms of chiropractic adjustments and joint mobilizations have effectively been used for pain and motion relief for centuries. The Journal Of The American Medical Association (JAMA) found spinal manipulation as beneficial for mechanical lower back pain. Furthermore, the American College Of Physicians (ACP) now recommends spinal manipulation prior to drug therapies in their lower back pain treatment guidelines. When properly applied, these are very effective treatments.


Products Kinect Rehab in Newark Ohio
I only recommend the very best products to my patients and I highly recommend Peak Performance Series products.
I treat some of the toughest cases of muscle and joint pain. Since using Joint Jel and Combat Cream during therapy I have seen remarkable improvements in my patient outcomes. A number of them have even come off of prescription medications and pain patches for arthritis and chronic pain syndromes. This stuff is a game changer!

Neuromuscular Chiropractor and Dry Needling Expert

Meet Dr. Derek Myers

Dr Derek Myers Kinect Rehab Heath Ohio
Over the last 16 years, I have applied my Chiropractic, Massage, and Post-Doctoral training to concierge-style physical rehabilitation and human performance.

My goal is providing highly effective integrated therapy as an alternative to harmful and addictive medications to help people attain/regain active lifestyles and athletic performance.

My interest in the biomechanics of nerve, muscle, and joint pain started while I was working in a rehab facility as a massage therapist during graduate school at Texas A&M.

While working at this clinic I quickly realized 2 things:

First, pain and dysfunction are not caused by ibuprofen deficiencies.

Second, working in that environment helping people was the best 12 hours of my week.

I researched different degrees and training programs to be able to use all of my abilities to help people. I discovered that Chiropractic education includes training in advanced imaging and metabolic and bloodwork diagnostics in addition to the biomechanics and therapeutic intervention training. This path has provided me a better diagnostic assessment and more successful non-pharmaceutical treatment plans than other degree plans would have provided.

After graduating from Texas Chiropractic College in 2004 I moved to Nashville TN where I practiced until moving back to Ohio in January 2018. In Nashville, I was blessed to work with music industry stars, professional athletes, dignitaries, and ground-breaking medical professionals. I met some amazing people and had some great experiences…I loved it. But, being a graduate of Heath High School (’92), what I love more is being able to come home, raise my kids around family, and reconnect with the community I grew up in.

With the addition of Dry Needling (my specialty) to my scope of practice, I am blessed with this opportunity and look forward to being a productive part of the community where I live now and the community of individuals like you wanting to provide your clients with the best possible advances in care.


  • I have been both a patient and colleague of Dr. Myers for nearly five years.
    Upon meeting Dr. Myers, I was impressed at his vast knowledge in the field of treating nerve, muscle, and joint pain.   Leading and treating with both his mind and his heart, Dr. Myers integrity, skill, and determination produce lasting results. Gone are the days of conveyor belt snap crackle and pop chiropractic care for myself, my family, and my many clients.

    As the owner of a form focused fitness studio and founder of an alignment, balance, and strength based fitness method, I have been so very honored to refer our clients and leaders nationwide to Dr. Myers.   The proof is in the healing!   Dr. Myers #1 focus is not to receive an auto draft monthly payment from his patients. It is not to see 30 patients a day.

    I can speak from experience in saying that the mission of Dr. Myers is to educate, fix, rehab, and heal each and every patient himself, or by collaborating with his network of preferred physicians who have built their practices on a similar foundation.   I am profoundly grateful for the gift of Dr. Myers and his gentle, effective, and intelligent approach toward fixing nerve, muscle, and joint pain.

    With A Joyful & Grateful Heart,

    Amy K. Weber

    Founder of THE pow{h}er METHOD
    Studio Owner/Master Instructor
    Teacher Trainer
    lululemon legacy ambassador
  • "Dr. Derek Myers is not just my chiropractor, he's my friend. He has always told me that chiropractic will not fix everything that's wrong with my back, but that he can help me manage and relieve the pain until I can have the laser surgery that I need. Derek will also supervise my rehab after I have the laser procedure later this month. My surgeons have complete confidence in Derek and told me that what he was doing was in my best interest. 

    Larry Gatlin - recording artist

    The Gatlin Brothers
  • "Dr. Derek Myers is the first person I refer my patients to when they need the best nerve, muscle or joint evaluation for their condition. His knowledge of the human body and how it moves is far superior to anyone I know. From myofascial work, dry needling or traditional chiropractic work, he is the first person I call professionally and personally. And so should you. "

    Dani Williamson MSN, FNP

    Integrative Family Medicine
  • I make a living moving my hands and arms up and down a guitar neck. It takes a team to help keep my line of work working. Derek has been a BIG part of that team! He has relieved nerve pain, corrected motion and even has helped fatigue in my muscles. He's the hidden secret we all need in our lives to live better! 

    Bridgette Tatum

    Country Music singer/songwriter
  • Having been around healthcare on my life, and the son of a mother who was a chiropractor in he early days, and having a talented brother as a massage therapist, I can truly say that working with Dr. Myers has been life-changing. My first encounter with him was a simple hamstring fix. He gave me for therapeutic exercises which I did faithfully. I went from feeling like it was never going to heal, based on past experience of hamstring problems, to being able to sprint full out and much faster than when I was 30. now I am 51 and I enjoy sprinting once or twice a week. It's true that we don't slow down because we're getting old. We get old because we slow down. Also, as a singer i've had neck problems and shoulder problems from playing piano and guitar all day. 2 dry needling sessions with Dr. Meyers coupled with therapeutic exercise that he recommended fixed me. My only existing complaint for Dr. Myers, is that he no longer lives in Franklin. We will miss him! Ohio is extremely blessed to have a caring and knowledgeable Dr who can deliver real results.

    Brett Manning - Vocal Coach to the stars

    Singing Success
  • For years I have relied on Dr. Myers as an outstanding resource for my patients and for myself. He has been one of the most outstanding diagnosticians able to identify the etiology (cause) of musculoskeletal conditions and providing helpful direction for patients needing further medical diagnostic work ups.

    Dr Myers has a strong depth of experience in various treatment options such as dry needling, myofascial release, muscle activation, and movement correction, and routinely shortens traditional treatment plans and provides exceptional outcomes.

    Dr Myers is a well respected clinician within the medical community and his exceptional reputation is built on patients’ results and experiences. He will be a valuable resource for any physician treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

    Alex J. Slandzicki, M.D.

More Testimonials...

Tracy Root

Facebook Testimonial
"In November of 2005, at the age of 36 I would have my third and last spinal surgery. And this was all due to the dedication and time dr. Derek put in to help me, not only recover after the surgery but to prepare me physically for the surgery. I had a spinal fusion of L4- L5.

My surgeon was so impressed with my rehab before the surgery that he insisted that I stick with my chiropractor and not go to a physical therapy facility. Because of the time and effort I put in with the encouragement of dr. Derek I was three weeks ahead of everyone else who had the same surgeries on the same days as I did. Within six weeks of surgery I was able to touch my toes which I had never done before. And I was able to squat my weight. It has been 12 years since my surgery and I am doing fantastic.

Abby Longshore

Google Review
"Dr. Meyers is a talented, passionate physician. He is extremely knowledgeable in body mechanics as well as his ability to explain the mechanics, treatments and why he recommends those treatments to the normal person.His goal to help relieve pain and discomfort with out medication is a needed support. I've experienced pain relief, learned new exercises to help myself and now I have hope to increase activity and health. Dr. Meyers and staff are friendly. I feel welcome there. Heath, Ohio is lucky to have him."

Ruth Isenhart

Google Review
"Dr. Myers at Kinect Rehab began by patiently educating me about the reason my shoulder is so painful. Over approximately ten weeks of therapy, my movement and quality of life has greatly improved. With instruction for home exercises and a super positive attitude, Dr. Myers provides great support for his clients to be part of the healing process. The dry needling technique and his masterful massage to stimulate healing has been exactly what I needed to recover movement and strength in a problem shoulder."

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